ADA sent to wrong cardano adress from Binance

I wanted to send 299 ada from binance to my yoroi wallet. I pressed copy adress in my yoroi and pasted it in binance. But since my ada didnt arrived i checked and my yoroi adress didnt pasted but so other cardano adress: addr1qyvucvmwfknw0ne80vtjxljrtz48ed7k27se6htl0aaungjwetpu5d5mzh6ug0s98pyj4ysan0w8ws4qyld5mmvxcrcq57vmca
I dont know what adress is this and how did it pasted insted of my yoroi adress.
Can you pls help me locate and get back my Ada or at least tell me whos adress it this and how can I contact.

If that address you sent to isn’t one of your other receive addresses, you probably won’t be able to get that back. Maybe you were victim to an address swapper program referred to on these posts:

I am sorry to hear that, but if your ADA was sent to the wrong address, you cannot do anything about it I am afraid. It’s highly recommended to always double and triple check everything.

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