Yoroi missing ada

Creating a yoroi wallet in shely era my ada 6000 were sent to this address without my knowledge


Can u give more details?
Did u downloaded another app like dardalus for mobile before?


That is not a cardano chain address. You seem to be mixing another currency here


The only thing i did was to get yoroi app for my android phone get yoroi for my desktop and then transfer ada from binance made the transaction two times in order not to loose the crypto.After that when i tried to delegate the assets yoroi ask me to change era. I did it and then I delegate in volt pool 7e82a949dc775005761ec3446a9358261416cbdd8de2c6530cb3270b

On 16/02 the ada was about 6250 after two days when I check the balance it was zero with a transfer to this address DdzFFzCqrht4iUexhQUDrZVbDwwsnGqhwZS9kWg5sHM2o6Z79HpHgw5txRrefonext1vShdAnZ3Y4biYkBCVREb4XiEg46qQzmfXjfQn

Αποκτήστε το Outlook για Android

Αποκτήστε το Outlook για Android

Sorry this is the address of where my ada was sent


And this is the transaction id


Αποκτήστε το Outlook για Android

Αποκτήστε το Outlook για Android