I can't access my Ada Coin

i was sent 19Ada since yesterday at about 15GMT+1 but till now i still can’t find the coin in my wallet below is attached evident of the transaction and my wallet ID


Screenshot from 2021-02-02 12-05-50


From where to where did u sent ADA?


it was sent from bianance

From binance… to?

from bianance to yoroi

If u are using yoroi in chrome extension, try to restore ur wallet but in mozzila firefox (do not delete the wallet from yoroi) and check if ur ada ara available…

Can u paste here the transaction ID?


i’m using my mobile phone
and i kinda mixed up my recovery phrase so i cant restore so i wan get it in my wallet since i’m still login in on my phone, before creating another wallet & transferring the coin to the new wallet,

this the transaction id

Is this your yoroi address?


If u are going in app to receive section and check ur last addresses generated do u see this one?

On my wallet all are starting with addr1 since shelley was released…

this my address

Sorry, yes seems to be ok


BECH32 addr1q9aawk7wnv9uyez2uqv27jq2gwnzramdfe89mfe9twp0tfprd8q268z3au2dtfmx

And u have 19 ada in balance…

but how comes it not yet reflecting in my yoroi wallet

Perhaps sync issues, or maybe u will need to restore the wallet… anyway u should contact yoroi team


i cant restore cause i dont have the correct phrase
i need get the coin out 1st before i can do anything

i sent a message
but yet to get a respond

Your balance should be 19 ada but it shows u 19 right? go to delegate center and try to delegate … and see if it’s working…

it doesnt show anything i my wallet
it displaying 0.00ada
when i go 2 delegate
i get some form of error

What error?

the delegate link isn’t highligted

If u are using the last version (3.4.0) then u should wait for the answer from support team

it version 3.3.2