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How do you recover your ADA coins that are sent in the wrong address?

You can’t transactions can’t be reversed. No different to bank transfers or handing over cash

It may be lost as you cannot actually reverse the action, however there may still be a solution
Probably need to offer a bit more info,
e.g. who owns the address you sent them to?
can you request they are sent back?
did you send the ADA to a different token address by mistake?
was it sent to an exchange ? (probably contact their customer services and ask for assistance)

What do you mean a wrong address

p.s. don’t put any personal information down i.e. how many ADA your talking about etc.

I sent the ADA to a different token address by mistake?
This was an exchange, instead of copying ADA address i copied BTC address

15 000 ADA, i was making use of my local exchange to an international exchange. instead of me copying ADA address to be sent too, i copied BTC address

Firstly i would contact the exchanges and try to get through to someone who looks after customer relations.
As it was an exchange (as opposed to some random address, where you have no relationship) it would be nice to think they have some loyalty to look after their customers, so despite any warnings they may have about sending to incorrect address etc., you made an honest mistake, so i would be asking how they can help (to determine if it’s defn been lost, i ask this as we don’t know how they operate custody). On the goodwill side you’re a client, what steps could they help with to reward your loyalty as a customer.

Secondly even if the funds can’t be saved they may even make an ex-gratia payment to you to make up for your loss, it’s a great opportunity for them to gain some fairly cheap marketing for how they look after their customers


Good luck

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It’s impossible to send a token from one blockchain to another. I’m surprised your exchange allowed this action to go through.

Your ada hasn’t left the exchanges address, so I would just contact your exchange and ask them to show your ada in your account again

Most reputable exchanges don’t allow you to do that as it’s not even possible


So did you ever got your ADA back? I’m curious since something similar happened to me a couple of days ago…

You sent ₳ to another block chain? The only thing we have discovered is in binance where binance let you send what appears to be ada to their block chain… firstly let me be clear, that is not ₳, It will simply be their own token they are making appear as ₳. The actual ₳ is still held and owned by binance.

For any chance in recovering it you will need to speak to binance on how to do that.

binance is misleading to end users, they are known to be misleading. For example their 17% returns on ₳ was false advertising.

It is impossible to send crypto from one block chain to another. It’s like trying to save a file on one PC to a different PC not connected to the Internet or anything. So if an exchange has shown this, then you will need to contact them as the physical transaction has not actually happened


Another reason to not keep your ADA on exchanges


I had an amount of ADA in my Exodus wallet and I decided to transfer it to the exchange site (Kraken) where it originally came from so I could trade an “x” amount of that. I didn’t know that I should create a “New Adress” on my Kraken account to receive those assets, so I thought it would be alright to copy/paste the last receiving adress and use it as a “Sent to” or “Withdrawal” adress, because it’s exact the same where it came from in the first place…
The thing is, I didn’t ever received any of that ADA because -I think- I didn’t create that new adress where it should have been sent to.

So, this adress where I sent this ADA to, somehow exists but ‘no one’ owns it? Or does Kraken have the keys?

It’s really confusing for me because it makes sense to send the assets to the exact same adress they came from…

What should I expect? Is that ADA lost or is it possible to recover it somehow? Like I said, that adress was created in the first place, automatically by the exchange site, so shouldn’t they be able to access it/track it?

It’s really stressing me out because it was a big amount of money there…


U should contact kraken support; they can help u to recover your ADA;


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Hi, i made exactly same mistake trying to transfer ADA from Atomic wallet to binance. Did you get some solution to get back your ADA?


I haven’t got my ADA back since then. Kraken keeps saying to me that this is a process that would take „a lot of time and effort for them“ but they are going to „attempt a recovery for the coins anyways“. I’ve been now waiting over 2 months for them to do something but nothing has happened since them, they just keep delaying it and telling me that this is a really ‚time consuming thing to do‘.

I just don’t know if I’m ever gonna be getting my coins back. I have seen people that have been waiting for Kraken to recover their coins for over 3 years now. That’s just crazy…

I also moved all my funds away from Kraken because of this. I don’t think their customer support is prepared to handle things like this.

I hope that Binance does a better work than Kraken on this matter. Let me know if you manage to get some help!

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my friend sent cardano to wrong address in BEP2
but true address was in BEP20
how can i recovery this Transaction ?

from where to where he sent?
tell him to check the transaction history, perhaps he has the possibility to cancel the transaction, if not contact the both support team

from Nydax wallet to trust wallet
his network is BEP2
my network is BEP20
both in Cardano
he cant Cancel the transaction
can we return money from that network ? Probably there is nothing address to get it

Then contact Nydax and TrustWallet support team;

thank you :pray::rose:

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Hey, can someone help me ? I withdrew all my ADA coins from Binance to Trezor T wallet and suddenly I got another address on my Trezor T wallet which I thought it was mine. I sent all my ADA there. Is there any solution to get my ADA back or no ? I contacted Trezor support for this issue.