Recover Sent cardano to wrong network

I need help to recover cardano that was sent to the wrong net work

from where to where did you send??
has to be a cardano adress in my opinion
otherwise is lost i think.lucky on the forum there are more smart guy/girls then me who can tell you more🤔

I sent from to coinbase

And on coinbase don’t u have an account?

No I didn’t at the time

Then from where did u copied that address?

How can I copy the address

strange that send it out with out the adress been filed in,first you have to have a sending adress to send to coinbase that is yours, so first set upp a acount @cbase then paste your recieving adress in to the sending bar @ then your ada’s transfer to cb
not a good idea sending before you dont have a acount at coinbase🤔

I had my account with coin base at the time of sending. The problem was the net work that coin base don’t support bsc network.

Aaaa that’s another story… u must use Binance network then… now contact coinbase and see if they can help you.

Also the funds were sent succesfully from

Yes, funds left successfully

Then contact coinbase

I did contact coin base and they said since they don’t support the bep network, they can’t access the funds

Then… I don’t know how will be possible to recover them :frowning:

Be aware, this might be a scammer.