I send 1556.88 ADA to an eth adress on binance


I was transfering ADA to my brother from binance. He send me an ERC20 USDT adress and the ADA is now in the void. I used the BEP20 network and my transaction ofcourse never arrived.

I tried filling out the form on binance but the form doesn’t recognize the receiver adress or sender adress in combination with the TxID.

Anyone knows what to do?


Unfortunately, to my knowledge, theres nothing that can be done.

You can talk with Binance support about it, but I think, again, I might be mistaken, that they cannot do anything.


P.S. You can search for yourself what happens when you don’t match the networks and by that understand what is possible or not.

EDIT: Tip: Whenever you deem necessary, make a test transaction of the minimum value. With Cardano the fees do allow that.

The transaction was submited? It has confirmations? If not I believe the transaction will be canceled automatically

Thanks for your reaction. I think i may have found a solution. Its in this link:

You can see the transaction i did here: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

I will try to fix it but i might need some help with this.

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Yeah it processed.

Here is the transaction

From binance to where u sent the funds?

I send the funds to a dutch exchange-wallet called Bitvavo. Because you cannot withdraw this amount on binance i send it over here. The adress i sent it towards is found in the Transaction hash.

Edit: I contacted the exchange and asked if they can help me get the private key

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Ok, good; if they were not voided you just need to talk to both Binance and Bitvavo.

As in Bitvavo wires the funds back again to Binance.

Give it a try!


This is a perfectly valid Tx on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). ERC20 addresses (normally) don’t differ depending on the token you send i.e. your brother should only have one ERC20 address on the target exchange for BSC. I don’t think that Binance can do anything about that Tx any more. Have you confirmed with your brother that this is really the/an address on the BSC network that is associated with his account. Perhaps it is his address on the ETH network? AFAIK, Binance cannot distinguish these networks based on address. BSC is an ETH fork.

I’d say, it looks good on your end. Binance figured out that you are sending ADA tokens on BSC (probably based on target address). BEP20 does not come into the game AFAICS.

Thanks for the reaction,

Unfortunately, Bitvavo do not want to access the private key of the wallet because of the structure of the wallets on the exchange. They say they can’t make exceptions for personnal wallets because the adresses are not unique for each customer.

So they say they can’t fix my problem :frowning:

We think this is an exchange adress which is not unique for his wallet and other users make use of these shared pool, as the exchange told us.

They can’t give our money back as they refuse to acces the wallet and refund it.