Nami wallet Send ADA to Binance but using Network (BSC) . ADA not received in Binance

Hi, I sent 365 ADA from my Nami wallet to Binance but i choose the BSC network in Binance for deposit address.
and money not receive in Binance . When i check the output address at transaction details , the output address is not what i inserted before . is that possible my ADA being sent to others wallet .
i tried for Application for self-service recovery in Binance , but not successful (application rejected reason : The destination address on the blockchain was different from your deposit address, please kindly check if you used wrong address or provided a wrong TXID.)

Anyone know who how to retrieve my ADA coin please ?

Transaction HASH:7673adbb21c3ce44d3f798a96b0a1f92b2957fba7b31b4a87d737f0157245641


Check this topic, same issue


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Hi @Alexd1985 , thanks for link me to another post that facing the same issue with me . But i stil got no clue on how to retrieve my fund . could you please help or provide some hints ?

I did send and received nami/binance also, several times, it was always through Cardano network, how you can even choose bsc for an ada transfer?
It will not appear on cardano scan.

Did you ask binance for support?

“Binance Support” feedback me , they couldn’t help as the transfer is done with the wrong network :frowning:

thats gone …you need to get proper antivirus …there iskind of haking that happens several times , you copy certain address when you paste you paste different address…you need to crosscheck before you release address

Getting a proper antivirus and crosschecking addresses is always a good idea.

…, but really not what happened in this thread a long time ago.

Here, a BSC deposit address was erroneously used to try to deposit ADA to Binance. There was no hacking and no malware involved, “just” user error/confusion.