Nami wallet to Binance wrong network

Anyone can help me recover my ADA? I sent 100 ADA to my Binance account from Nami wallet but I used BSC network and my ADA was not sent. Is there a way I can recover it?

The only chance you have if Binance Support is going to help you. There is nothing anyone else can do to help you.

If the ADA was not sent, it should still be in your wallet.

Since you ask how to recover it, I suppose, it was sent, but didn’t arrive on Binance?

You cannot use BSC addresses on Cardano. They do not make any sense here and such a transaction shouldn’t go through.

Unfortunately, BSC addresses seem to look exactly like Ethereum addresses. If such an address is encountered in Nami, Nami sends to this Ethereum address on Milkomeda ( … and Nami’s warning that Milkomeda will be used unfortunately is a lot smaller than, for example, Eternl’s.

Chances are that the address isn’t even used by anyone on that and even Binance cannot help you.

To be more explicit: This is how Nami looks like if you accidentally give a BSC address to it:
And this is, what Eternl has to say about it:

And I fear all those warnings apply to your case. …

Hi Luigigranada , may i know can u get back your 100ADA in the end ? if yes, may i know how ?
as i had did the same mistake with you which send ADA > Binance but used BSC network .