ADA sent to BSC address

Hello, I sent 70 ada two months ago to this address 0x570d446fe6D908F7a64Ef02246F0095C78C90A65
But I still found that I sent 10 ada again today, but it still hasn’t been deposited, what should I do?

That address looks like an Ethereum address. A lot of networks use this style of address. To which network did you want to send?

In some wallet apps, it is possible to send to them, but then the funds are sent to this address on the Milkomeda C1 chain and nowhere else.

Your wallet app should have a more or less large warning that you are not going to send to Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, or anything like that, but only to Milkomeda.

If you know the person having the keys to that address, it might perhaps be possible that they connect to said chain and send it back, but if it is a larger company I wouldn’t count on it.

You can actually see both of your transactions coming in on that address on Milkomeda:

While you probably wanted to send to this:
Or this: