Need help with my ADA | sent from Nami to Trust Wallet on a wrong network

Hello guys!

I have mistakenly made a wrong transfer under the wrong network address (BEC20) from Nami wallet to my Trust wallet (instead of the Cardano network).
I can’t find my funds on my Trust wallet (under BNB Pegged Cardano) nor back on my Nami wallet.
The Address I have used to transfer the funds to received nothing, I used Cardanoscan to check the address
Is there a way to get my ADA’s back? will it be back to my Nami wallet since the address is wrong?

Thank you!

If you use an Ethereum-style address on Nami, it sends to the Milkomeda side chain (which it also says during the send operation).

You should be able to add that side chain to Metamask and send back.

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Thank you!
I’ll check if I can do it

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Ask back if you have problems. Then I’ll see if I can give a more detailed explanation when I’m at a computer again.

Hi again
can you walk me through the process?:

  1. i installed a metamask wallet extension
  2. i connected it to Milkomeda using flint and configured my Metamask
    the address i used was on trust wallet, but i have the seed for it (if needed to be used as the Metamask wallet)
  3. got a milkomeda address using the tutorial
  4. how can I access the funds located on this sidechain wallet? do i use my seed to open it or the process is a bit different now?

Thank you for the help!

Hopefully, it will just work if you import your seed phrase from Trust in Metamask.

If they use different key derivation paths or methods, we might have to dig deeper.

Hi :smile:
Actually what you said does work, and I see it now on my metamask (through my phone).

I see it as Milkada under the Milkomeda network, now if I wanna send it to my Binance account, do I need to swap it from MilkADA to ADA first? how do I do it?

Thank you so much for the help!

Unwrapping back to Cardano is described here:

You will want to send back to the address of your Nami Cardano wallet, there.

Simce that requires connecting the bridge website to the Metamask wallet, I don’t know if it works on mobile or needs the desktop version.

After having it back on Cardano, you can deposit it to your Binance account (the Cardano address (!!!) Binance gives you for deposits) as usual.

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Thank you!!! Worked!
Much appreciated my friend ! I owe you a beer let me know how to reach you :smiley: