How can i receive or restore my ADA?

Hello, i sent ADA to my binance wallet it appears that the transaction was successful from Nami but yet i didn’t receive my ADA in binance please help me on how to refund or receive my ADA this is the transaction harsh


here is my Nami wallet Address


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Looking at the transaction in Cardanoscan:

You sent to the address:
This is not a Binance address, but a Milkomeda address.

Milkomeda is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain for Cardano:

In the metadata of the transaction, you can see that you sent to the address 0x5991c105eafd4f7880a5be3276ce3cb4b6158aca on that sidechain.

Here is what most likely happened: You did not use the Cardano receive address of Binance, but the Ethereum one. Nami automatically assumed that you want to send to the Milkomeda sidechain. (Unfortunately, Nami’s warning in that case is much smaller than, e.g., Eternl’s.)

So, your ADA are now converted to mADA on Milkomeda and the only way to get it back is by the owner of the address 0x5991c105eafd4f7880a5be3276ce3cb4b6158aca connecting to Milkomeda and sending it back. The owner of that address is most probably Binance.

You can try to get them to do it, but I wouldn’t have too much hope that that works. They’d have to do quite some steps outside their usual processes to do that. They don’t do anything with Milkomeda usually, probably have nobody who knows it, and just happen to be the ones with the private key for that address that you sent the ADA/mADA to.



Here is the screenshot of the wallet I’m the owner of that Address on binance too but i didn’t receive anything please help me on how to sort the problem

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It says “Network: BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)” there.

You cannot send directly from the Cardano network to the BSC!

So, what you did was to send from Cardano to the Milkomeda sidechain (as said in the previous post). They just happen to use the same address format, since both are based on the Ethereum technology.

Nami did give you the small hint that you are sending to Milkomeda (not to BNB Smart Chain) below the address:
As said, Eternl does warn much more explicitly in the same situation:
“Beware: this is not an Ethereum or BSC address!”

Since you sent your ADA to that address, the only one who can send it back is the owner of the keys to that address, which is Binance. Try their support! They are the only ones who could help you. But I’m afraid chances are slim. Sorry!


Okay thanks so much for helping i really appreciate :pray:

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By further enquiry i have learn that the owner of the deposited binance address can add Milkomeda evm network to an evm wallet and retrieve the sent ADA through bridge process to unwraping mADA back to Cardano ADA

It is fortunate that the deposited binance address 0x5991c105eafd4f7880a5be3276ce3cb4b6158aca is mine i have it with me please help me on how to connect it on my metamask?

I download the metamask i set up the Milkomeda network I’m stuck on the process where can i see the mADA? And how to convert it back please what are the steps to follow next?

here is the screenshot of my metamask thanks


I found your solutions very useful that’s what makes me keep going I’m thankful :pray:

Hi Mustyfresh , may i know how to add Milkomeda evm network in Metamusk ? i am facing the same issue with you . Could you please help ? thank you so much

may i know how you connect your " deposited binance address 0x5991c105eafd4f7880a5be3276ce3cb4b6158aca " to your metamusk wallet ?

What do you mean with “you have it with you”?

Yes, it was displayed to you by Binance as “your” receive address, but that does not mean that you have the secrets/keys for it.

As you can see, the account you did import on Metamask has a totally different address (since you presumably imported it with some of your secrets/seed phrases).

You do need the help of Binance. They either need to connect to Milkomeda and send the ADA back or give you the private keys. And both are not very likely I fear.

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How to connect Metamask to Milkomeda is described here:

But for that the corresponding wallet, the corresponding seed phrase has to be set up in Metamask.

If you do not have that, I’m afraid there’s little you can do.