My transaction went through, but send to a different address?

I sent 1300 ADA to my Binance. However I still didn’t receive it. Moreover, it sent to a different address? What should I do?? I’ve tried second time, and sent another 15 ada. And it still didn’t when. Then I went to restore wallets that was suggest on this forum. And send 5 ada. And it came! What cause this problem??

first, u sent ADA to or from Binance?

I send ADA from Nami wallet to Binance!

This transaction.
It some how get to this address:

Which I didint write :((

It’s an address used 3 days ago, perhaps another wallet of you?

That target address doesn’t look like an exchange at all.

It just had two other transactions. You sent it 2 ADA 3 days ago and sent it back 2 minutes later.

It’s was done for Pavia confirmation. But I sent today on this address


I don’t know why it was send to another address;((

Oh, shoot. Then it’s not one of your wallets. You probably have to contact Pavia to get it back.

Most often: It was still in copy and paste, when you sent the transaction.

U didn’t checked the address before to press confirm/submit… but from where did u copied that address? Can u remember? Maybe as I said u have more wallets? Maybe from a NFT market place? Or another wallet? The wallet was used 3 days ago…

He already said:

I copied address from Binance, I checked before the confirmation! But still I’ve tried second time, with little amount of ada. And still didn’t come yet! However, in tried adalite or something to check, send 5 ada to my Binance and it came! How it is possible?v

The address were u sent 1300 ADA was used 3 days ago to send 2 ADA to your wallet

did u performed the above transaction?

That second transaction has no trace in your address in Cardanoscan. Nami had quite some issues in the last 24 hours. Probably, the transaction was never processed.

That one is there:

That they can’t process at all, is quite possible due to high load.

That they change on purpose is very, very unlikely.

If it wasn’t copy and paste: Does Nami offer you the last used addresses? And did you perhaps accidentally click that instead of using the copy-pasted Binance address?

Anyway, your ADA are now in that address used by Pavia for confirmation. Contact them to see if they can send it back. They are the only ones who have the keys for this address.

Yes it this address of pavia! But how it changed ?? Also, my Nami wallet has a warning that they detected another using seed of my wallet, what to do?

```ok, they send me back just now !! Ufff! So how to take over this warning?

You are fine, now check carefully the destination address before to press submit ok?

Glad u received back :beers:

Thnx! But now I bae warning that I used adalite! How to delete it?

ignore it… I don’t know how to delete it… perhaps it will disappear in time


Thank you very much! I send it from ccvault but it took like 30 hour)) why so slow? I thought cardano fast chain

It’s because of binace not because of cardano network (the exchanges are waiting more time till will credit your account)

If u check the address the funds are already there but from now it’s up to binance when they will credit ur account

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