ADA Withdrawn from Binance using BEP20 Now Lost?

I am wondering if it’s possible to recover ADA that was sent to an ETH addressed wallet (ledger) through BEP20?
It looks to be now a Binance Peg Cardano Token. Is there any way to get access to this now?

Any help would be much appreciated.


U send ada to an eth ledger address… but u checked ur ledger ethereum wallet if u received any amount (in case ada were automatically converted)?

If not u should contact binnace support team, only them can help u


Thanks Alex,

I finally found the solution, thought I would post the link here in case anyone ever encounters this issue in the future;

Great! Now u can delegate!

Hi, I saw the reddit post and the attached youtube video but i still can’t manage to understand how recover the ADAs.
Could you give me some tips?

Where did u sent the ADA as BEP 20?
Can u go on binance to transaction history, can u cancel the transaction?

Hi Alex, I sent it to an atomic wallet adress for ETH.
I can’t cancel the transaction.

Then, try to contact binance and atomic support team;