Lost my ADA?

Hi, I was forced to move my ADA out of Binance. I ended up sending it to Metamask, and now it will not show at all. Here is the address to the transaction:

Is there anything I can do?

If you send something to metamask (it would likely be because you chose to select non cardan chain token, instead - using BEP or equivalent token instead) - there is absolutely NO cardano involvement. If you see your funds of the token in metamask address you sent it to, you can probably send it back to Binance and exchange to actual cardano chain funds.

Ah ok. I don’t see it though. Not sure how to get it to show in meta mask. Is Binance peg a potential token?

It says BEP-20 tokens. Can that be added to meta mask? I don’t get why it would allow me to send it there if it doesn’t work with Metamask?

Yes, it is a custom token. There are online guides available to access custom tokens from metamask (eg: here ) but it’s best that you follow up with any queries to binance support instead.

Their token has no relation to cardano project, and if anything - it is an attempt from exchange to undermine the platform and create value for their own tokens at the expense of faulty fee structure and confusion for end users.

Thank you! I actually just got them. I added the Binance chain to meta mask, and then added the coin. I think I’m just going to transfer to Daedalus from Metamask now. Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure if that’s possible…?

You need to send it back to exchange to withdraw back to cardano chain (or use third-party coin converter service that accepts the mentioned token)

Crap. I just realized- so, now it just sits in my Metamask wallet, and I cannot do anything with it?

It says ADA when I added it, and it’s showing the correct value. Just not sure how to move it now.

I might have this completely wrong… but my assumption is that Ada is not an ERC20 token on ethereum, therefore ada does not work with metamask. So whatever token you have in MetaMask is not actually Ada. It may be ‘wrapped’ ada or something like that, so perhaps you can send it back to the exchange you bought it from, and exchange it for real ada, then send the real ada from the exchange directly to Daedalus wallet over the Cardano network.

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I mentioned earlier your next step, move it back to exchange and from there use cardano chain to withdraw it to wallet that you control

Yup. You’re both right. Thanks guys. Apologies on the noon questions. I’m going to try and see if I can send it back to Binance.

How do I send it back to Binance if it’s technically not ADA?

Can you verify that you are using the Binance Smart Chain on MetaMask?
If so, at Binance choose “Deposit” > Cardano ADA, then select BSC as the transfer network. It will supply both an address string and QR code for your ADA (BSC) deposit.
On MetaMask, find your bscADA and send it back to Binance using the above instructions.
Then, for heavens sake, use the Cardano network on Binance to withdraw your ADA to your Yoroi or Daedalus wallet, OK?


You are the best. Going to try that now. Here is a photo of it. I added it to Metamask as Ada and it showed up. The only thing is when I click send, it says balance is 0?

OK, I see. If your MetaMask wallet is “new” to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you will not have any BNB in it. Think of BNB like “gas” for the Binance Smart Chain. Can you send a little BNB from Binance to your MetaMask BSC wallet? Go to Binance > BNB > Withdraw > BSC network and send a small amount of BNB. Perhaps then you will be able to send those nice ADA tokens that I see back to Binance and then onwards to Daedalus or Yoroi. Good luck.

Dear ADA Friends. I also lost my ADA while sending it from my Dutch ADA Wallet to BITHUMB. The transaction is findable in BCHAIN but never showed up on Bithumb. The first 2 sendings were going well. Can anyone help me out? BITHUMB is doing almost nothing!!!