How can I find my ada?


I need help please, I sent my ada too my etherium address on my ledger nano x.

How can I find them please?

Thank you

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Hi @Charlie_Bernard,

So you send ADA from exchange to your Ledger right? In the first place, how does that possibly happen? I mean transaction in Cardano network requires corresponding address (such as: addr1).

Do you have the Trandaction ID for successful transfer? Kindly check that Transaction Id in Cardano Explorer.

Oui je les ai envoyer de Binance Ă  ma nano x. A mon adresse etherium. Qui est la suivante : 0x082f610B755b2846D9020858cF7842fE42702E3C,txid is 0x3e042a5a3cab35df52c1a41b9129259e0d81d8f35a6167eb6b72a9441a6478c1

Je ne sais pas ou trouver l’identifiant pour une transaction réussie ?


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Hi @Charlie_Bernard ,

I see you send it from Binance. If you successfully withdraw your ADA, you will get e-mail from Binance right? Did you use the correct Cardano network (pay 1 ADA)? If you use BEP2 or BEP20, then your Cardano will be changed into another Ethereum token as far a I remember. You need to contact Binance Support Team then.

OK thank you berry much

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