Unable to get ADA into my wallet

I tried to transfer some ADA to my ledger from Binance. It didn’t go into the ledger, but is sitting out there in the account that is suppose to be in my ledger. I have no clue how to get the ADA into my ledger or ANY wallet for that matter. Can anyone help?

Barb Hauxwell

Hey @BarbJH

What wallet are you using with your ledger?

What do you mean by “It didn’t go into the ledger, but is sitting out there in the account that is suppose to be in my ledger.”?


Did you use e.g. Yoroi as bridge?

What I understand that your ADA is still at Binance, right?

Did you perhaps use the “old” address of your Ledger wallet?

(Don’t know if it is still possible to send ADA to pre-Shelley addresses?)

No I don’t know what that is.


It went to that 0x64 address which was my ETH address in the ledger it said to send ERC20 tokens to that address. Well they never showed up in the ledger.
The screenshot is of the transaction.


No it’s not still at Binance. I’ve attached the transaction screenshot. It went to that 06x address which is my ETH address in ledger as
apparently all ERC20 tokens are suppose to be sent there. Well it never showed up in the ledger and it’s sitting out there at that
address and I don’t know how to get it either into my ledger or any other wallet I have.


Not exactly sure what you mean by that, but Cardano is not built on Ethereum which means its not a ERC20 token.

Hi @BarbJH,

Cardano is not an ERC20 token and to me it looks like you have sent ADA to an ETH address.

The transaction is complete from the side of Binance ( as per the screenshot) and looks to be sent out to the ledger and address you chose.

Sadly this is like sending BTC to and ETH address and I am not sure if anything can be done at this stage. :frowning_face: , you can try contacting Binance and ask for help, but I would not put much hope into it with the current circumstances.

I know that may not be very helpful at this stage, but for the future I would highly recommend always doing a test transaction with a tiny amount of the crypto you are trying to send, ensure you receive it safely and then carry on with the full amount you would like to send.

Best regards,

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Thanks all. I’ll try Binance. I assumed it was an ERC20 token because ledger told me to send it to the ETH address and it was
suppose to show up underneath that address as ADA. Obviously I mis-read or just don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I would
imagine it’s more of the 2nd.



Hey @BarbJH I hope they help, if not I would be happy to donate a bit of the ADA you lost in the process, perhaps others would too.

Wish there was a more positive response I can give, but if you stick to this you will definitely exceed the losses with awesome gains, ADA is the future :muscle:

Best regards,

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Thanks. It will be fine. I didn’t lose that much. I appreciate your help.


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But why is it even possible to send ADA to an address that does not exist??
I presume this is checked, it must be a valid address.

You have to ask Binance in that case why thats even possible.

The way I understand why this is possible because of the “Be Your Own Bank” aspect, and I do believe this can be done from any wallet/exchange as we control this, and in the same sense if we use a small letter in crypto address instead of a capital one or any difference from the actual crypto address its a whole different destination for the funds we send.

We have the control.

Best regards,