missing tokens. pls help

Please help me. I sent a significant amount of ada tokens from a wallet on ndaxio to a newly created yoroi ledger wallet. ndaxio shows the transfer as processed but I am unable to verify where the tokens actually went.

Ok, copy one address from yoroi and check it on cardanoscan.io … do u see the right balance? Also u can connect the ledger on adalite.io … if u see the right balance then must be an issue with yoroi (perhaps sync issues)

I connected the ledger as suggested. It shows zero tokens. I tried searching cardanoscan with no success. I am freaking out that I may have lost the tokens forever.

Then, are u sure u sent the ADA to the ledger wallet and not to a simple yoroi wallet?

Thanks for the help. It seems there was an issue with the address for the yoroi wallet. The tokens were eventually returned to the ndax wallet so all is good.

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