Help - Think I sent ADA to the wrong place

I wanted to send ADA from Binance to Coinbase and I think the ADA went to an empty wallet? The transaction still says “In Active”, does this mean it could still arrive? Or is there another way of getting it back?

Any advice would be great,

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Should be completed (the status). Wait more time to allow the transaction to be processed


I can see the ADA sent and its sat in wallet on

and the address from is the right address from coinbase?

I believe it was but it changes each time you press receive doesn’t it? The ADA is just sat in an empty

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The receive address of an exchange may well look like a totally empty address in Cardanoscan. Exchanges use hundreds and thousands of receive address to distinguish, which transactions come from which customers. Many just generate new ones, when they show them to you in their interface.

Depends on, where you see that. On Cardanoscan, it is most often in the block about the stake address and it just means that it is not delegated to any stake pool. (The stake address is inactive, not the address or the transaction.)

Only thing you can do is compare the address with the one Coinbase gave you. Should be visible somewhere in Coinbase’s interface.

It can take a couple of days until exchanges account incoming transactions (even if they long have been confirmed on the blockchain.

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Okay thank you, I will check on it in the morning

If this is a question… define lost