Accidentally sent a small amount of my Cardano from exchange to staking rewards address

Pulled an absolute noob mistake. I accidentally sent a small amount of ADA from my exchange account to my staking rewards address instead of my actual wallet address. Coinbase accepted this address as an actual Cardano address and started the transfer, but has just been frozen as pending. Since it probably won’t arrive there and will stay pending, is there anyway I can get them to eventually just return it to me after a certain amount of time in limbo? Thanks in advance for any advice. As always a good reminder to double and triple check your wallet address.

It has transactions confirmed?
I think if it is still in pending, the transaction can be canceled (I don’t know if it will be canceled automatically). Contact coinbase.

“…to my staking rewards address instead of my actual wallet address…”
→ “staking rewards address” here you meant this format “stake1u9q0ltxcmga…” or this one “addr1q9ke6ku…” ?

Thanks. And yes it is still pending I will contact Coinbase and hopefully since it isn’t going anywhere that they can just cancel it for me. Appreciate the reply

Hello, and yes the format of the address I sent it to begins with the stake format. So hopefully since it will never arrive anywhere they will cancel it eventually. Thanks for the reply.

If the transaction does succeed, you might be able to use the stake signing key as a payment signing key in cardano-cli and retrieve the funds. You’d have to manually edit the stake.skey file to fool cardano-cli to accept it as a payment key.

I just recently did the same thing :man_facepalming: It’s been 5 days since I contacted coinbase support and it still shows pending. Did this ever get resolved for you?

I don’t understand why these exchanges are leting people to send ADA to a wrong address

Looks like the pending transaction was canceled and the ADA is available in the coinbase wallet again. never got a response from coinbase on this, but maybe there system just kicks it back out eventually. For some reason they consider a stake address a “valid ADA address” so be sure to double check. lesson learned!