Anyone else having trouble moving ADA from Coinbase to your wallet?

My son was trying to move ADA from Coinbase to his wallet, but Coinbase would not accept any of his receiving addresses. But he sent himself some just 5 days ago (limited to $500US). Just curious. He had to go to work, so dealing with Coinbase directly will have to wait.



Thats why ADA should not be kept on exchanges… you don’t have control of your own funds.
I think he can’t take out ADA because tonight is the snapshot for new epoch… ask him to try tomorrow


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Ok. Could be. Having ADA never on an exchange is unavoidable, since you have to exchange US$ for ADA. This is what happened. So it isn’t being kept for any long period. But if they don’t allow for withdrawal on the turn of an epoch then the purchases will have to be made away from those times. Strange that it says “not a recognized Cardano address” (or something to that effect) though.

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check that address on or
if the address is valid and coinbase still say not a valid address (but choose cardano network) then I guess its something “wrong” with coinbase

PS: I have my ADA in wallet and I have accounts on more exchanges… when I want to change ADA for fiat I never send all amount to one single exchange…


Definitely something wrong with Coinbase. The address is from the Daedalus Wallet list, and I sent some to verify it and it was received. Given the number of people who use Coinbase, I’m surprised there isn’t more questioning going on. I’m sure he’s not the only Coinbase user that buys ADA. But maybe most don’t take delivery to their wallet. Neither of us use twitter, so can’t chatter about it in the typical way this kind of news gets disseminated. But neither of us have purchased much ADA since last October either. I don’t use Coinbase for purchases, so this was new to me.

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@IndyCoin What Alex mentioned could be the reason so try again later. Basically exchanges may be using the ADA for staking, so it’s in their interest to have as much ADA as possible when the snapshot is taken in order to get more rewards. So theoretically they could pretend there are some issues until that snapshot is taken.

My son eventually talked to someone at Coinbase and got it resolved. I don’t know what the problem was, but he could not send to his wallet for several days. I don’t think it had anything to do with the epoch change though. He did mention that the error message changed to “can’t send to an outside address” or something along those lines. But after getting hold of someone he was able to pull it all off a few days ago.

Thanks for following up.

Nah, I’ve been unable to transfer out for 7 days.

I’ve also seen increasing chatter regarding this online in the form of support requests. A terrible shame that the Cardano Community has to keep dealing with this but this is more often than not always an issue with the exchange. Glad you got it resolved @IndyCoin !

@calicocat Welcome to the Cardano Forum Community! Did you manage to solve it yet? I’d suggest reaching out to Coinbase sooner than later.