Trying to locate where ADA transfer went to

When Bittrex was shutting down I thought I sent my ADA to Coinbase Pro. When I checked my portfolio recently it wasn’t there. Coinbase said it never arrived. Perhaps I sent it elsewhere, I don’t remember. I have the Address and the TxId for the transfers. Is there a way I can find where where the ADA was sent? Thanks.

Not really. Exchanges are using different addresses format than regular users but other than that its really difficult to say where your ADA’s went.

Feel free to post the txid / address.


You can check the address on
Perhaps u will find some clues about the wallet; also u can check on

Three transfers to the same address:




To me it looks like you sent your tokens to a normal wallet and not to a centralized exchange.

Did you create a wallet (probably Nami or some other single address wallet) 8 months ago?

I thought it was Coinbase Wallet but there’s nothing in there. I will dig deeper and see if I can find out what I did. Thank you for your efforts, I will let you know what I find.

According to the address format its pretty certain not an exchange address.

So if you ever created a wallet somewhere, id check there.

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Coinbase Wallet seems to be a self-custody wallet app distinct from your account on Coinbase Pro, but as far as I can see it only supports ERC-20 tokens and not Cardano.

Has to be something different you used at the time. Atomic? Trust Wallet? One of the native Cardano wallet apps – Yoroi, Eternl, Typhon, Flint?

Most probably, it is something you access with a seed phrase. If you don’t exactly know which wallet app it was, but happen to have one or more seed phrases from that time, you can try them, e.g., in Eternl or Typhon (refer to for rather trustworthy links to them).

Your ADA are still on that address, in that account: The four transfers – one test, three larger ones – into that address are everything that ever happened there.


There are some exchanges that use Shelley addresses (and some regular users still using Byron addresses), but this is pretty surely not the deposit address of an exchange because that would have automatically moved deposited ADA further to other addresses.

Actually, I don’t know why so many exchanges still use Byron addresses. There’s no technical advantage or other reason at all. Just too much effort to switch from their more than three year old Cardano tooling?


I found it! Went through my password manager until I saw another wallet entry. I had moved the crypto just before a long vacation and it seems I still have “vacation brain” regarding everything that happened just before I left. Thank you to everyone who responded to this thread! You pointed me in the right direction.


Glad you were able to find your coins. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys I need help figuring where my ada went. Yesterday I withdraw my ada from kucoin using the cardarno network and sent to my trust wallet. I made sure I chose the ada associate with cardani network since there was another one which was on the BNB network. I made this withdrawal yesterday at 4.45am and still nothing. I checked and I can see the transition there. Should I post it here so u guys can help me figure out what happen thanks.


copy one of your trust wallet receive address and paste it on . do you see the funds there?

if yes then perhaps you will need to resync/restore trust wallet.


Yes I see it there…

then restore the wallet, refresh it or resync it//

I refreshed the wallet many times since from yesterday to now and nothing.I was scared maybe I transferred my ada tokens to the wrong place.

You may want to restore the wallet on a Cardano native wallet like Typhon or Eternl as there are alot of issues with Trust wallet.

Due to my current situation, how do I retrieve my ada and get them to Eternl which I just downloaded the app and installed as we speak.

Restore the wallet with your seedphrase on Eternl.

Ok, thank u

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