What happened to my transaction?

Hello everyone,

I transfered ADA from an exchange platform to my wallet. The ADA I transfered doesn’t show up in the total balance of my wallet address although the tranaction history clearly states that the ADA was send to the wallet address as intended.

When looking through the transaction history I can see a difference between all the transactions that worked and the one that went wrong: In the input and output section it says something about SpaceBud (click the link below):

I have no idea what happened can someone help me?

Thanks for reading.



That is that transaction?

Yes, that is the one

just curious - how did you get that receiving address used in the transaction - which wallet you used to generate that address, or?

The receiving address was generated by the Exodus wallet.

ok so you missing 26.708873 ADA from your address?

yes, exactly

this address contains 26 more ADA because of that transaction, then at least it is in the good please, I guess.
So do you have your recovery phrase? I would suggest to recover your wallet somewhere else (e.g. Yoroi) and check your balance there…

Yes I have my recovery phrase. But why do you think it would make a differnce to recover somewhere else when pages like cardanoscan or the cardano blockchain explorer are showing that something is weird with the transaction already? I mean what does this SpaceBud thing even mean?

there is nothing weird here…
the transaction lists that from address has different kind of native tokens along with ADAs.
SpaceBud token has been created by pool operators and can be owned…

Okay thanks for the clarification. Do you know why those SpaceBud tokens never appeared before in my transactions and if there is a connection between those Space Bud tokens and the ADA not showing up in my total balance?

so these tokens appeared because the exchange platform now owns this kind of native tokens on his address… - which is the from address in the transaction. if I would send you ADA, then you would see in the transaction that my address - which is the from address - has adappter native token.

Oh okay. Do you think it might make sense to ask the support of the exchange platform for help?

the transaction is OK. could you recover your wallet with other application like Yoroi?

Yes I could probably do that. I just don’t see why the wallet is at fault since it shows the same “wrong” balance as seen at cardanoscan and the cardano blockchain explorer. Admittedly I’m not quite sure from where the wallet gets its updates for its synchronization but I would assume it gets the updates from pages just like blockchain explorer etc. or the blockchain directly thus making it hard to belive for me that a wallet change would make a difference since the wallet just displays the “wrong” balance correctly.

ok, so how much ADAs you can see as balance in your wallet right now?

2,242.750897 ADA

Okay I now added up all my transactions and it resulted in around 2,242 ADA. So I think the Exodus wallet just didn’t show that I received the 26.708873 ADA in its transaction history but still added it to the overall balance. That means the wallet was at fault all along.
I want to apologize that I bothered you and wish you a good day.

Yeah - just wanted to suggest to count all the transactions and you will get the same amount as it is your wallet.
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Hey there, That would be a bit strange and a bit impossible for the wallet to add a transaction which was not broadcast. Can you please email our support[at]exodus.io email so we can take a look at your issue to see what is going on. I’m sorry for the trouble the wallet is causing you.

Kris from Exodus