Transferred ADA from Binance to Ledger but can't see it on the explorer

Please help a complete newbie.

I have been buying ADA on Binance for the last couple of years but what happened with FTX convinced me it’s time to move to a cold wallet so I bought a Ledger Nano S Plus.

I transferred my Ada to it and it shows up in the wallet. When I look at the transaction, there are 16 destination wallets, each having a varying amount of ADA.

I can see all of these destination wallets on the explorer apart from the last one (the one with the most ADA in it.)

Should I be concerned at this?

If the ADA is in your wallet, you shouldn’t be concerned. When people withdraw ADA from exchanges, exchanges create complex transactions with multiple wallets, to save on transaction fees.
The last wallet, with the most ADA in it, is probably the wallet where the change is sent, which also belongs to the exchange.

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Thanks George, I figured if it’s showing on the Ledger, all should be OK.

It’s only that the last of the 16 To addresses on the transaction is showing as having ~90% of the funds and comes up as ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST: on explorer. Being very new working off the exchange, I was getting a little worried.

You might want to do some research about eutxo model from Cardano. Its abit complex but its very powerful once you understand it. :slight_smile:

and of course it also helps to keep you clam in such a situation.

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As the others have said: Nothing to worry about for you. That transaction is for a lot of customers and change is going back to Binance itself. As long as your ADA show up on your Ledger (using Ledger Live or any other wallet app), all is fine. It will then also show up if you check your address on any explorer.

“Address does not exist” should not happen, anyway. Explorers should also be able to show the change address of Binance. Even if it has nothing to do with you.

Which explorer are you using? and seem to be the most used at the moment.