ADA (Cardano) Transfer from Binance to Binance

Friends, Please help!

My friend transferred 4150 ADA from his Binance wallet to my Binance wallet 7 days ago. They are still not showing up in my wallet. I opened a ticket and no response so far. Here is what I need help with:

My wallet: DdzFFzCqrhsxmyhZCefCrkRt1JBBniEnSyeYzfUZjG8wJgBiKPfaG6gpWgEAp4o4fFhoa8xqxbrGemZKBb4gcaARDvASVbEY2NoR1Y4y

Transaction: 8e7287a22366c50b8300421db2b00db76f6911c407f0ecae7fbedf70d68b3896

When I check the transaction on, it shows that ‘Transaction does not exist’.

When I check the same transaction on block chain, it says the transaction was for 101 BTC

Why is it so? [confused]

0 ada on that address

Why do you search for ada tx on btc chain? :roll_eyes:

Thank you for the response. I checked it on BTC explorer just out of curiosity. Why does it show
‘Transaction does not exist’ on

Either the TxId is wrong or the message is correct – something went wrong and it didn’t happen. Or so I’d assume, anyway.

Thank you, RobJF. I think that my friend lied to me. He never transferred the ADA to my account and sent me a fake TxId. He also sent me a screenshot of his Binance withdrawal history. It shows the TxId. But I think that the screenshot is fake now.

Sorry to hear that, some friend! I suppose you could ask him to click on the Check link then send another screenshot… or even just to tell you what he sees when he does that?