ADA sent from Binance not shown at output address

Hello! First of all, I love Cardano and appreciate all the effort people are making for it.

I withdrew ADA from Binance to my Receive address in the Yoroi wallet (although I would see that the wallet does not matter here). I cannot see the funds either in my wallet or in the Cardano Blockchain Explorer. I managed to perform successful transactions earlier, and I do not think I did anything wrong. So…

  1. I got a TxID from Binance, and the transaction status is “Completed”. At this point, I’m thinking: “Probably not Binance’s fault”.
  2. At Binance, when I click the address link related to the TxID (leads to, the balance is 0.0 and on the bottom of the page I see “NO TRANSACTIONS”. The address in question:
    2.1) Investigating a successful transaction, I see some transaction information there.
  3. Searching the “NO TRANSACTIONS”-address in the Cardano Blockchain Explorer, I see no results
    3.1) Investigating with the successful address, I do get results from the Cardano Blockchain Explorer.

This is the address with 0.0 balance:

So the question is: what is going on when there is a TxID without any transactions, and the receiving address cannot be found in the Cardano Blockchain Explorer? Thank you!

Instead, simply check the address you entered to send funds to. If there are no transactions against that address from binance, then it’s something binance need to sort. When doing a withdrawal, Binance are liable to provide you proof that they made transfer by providing you link from explorer ( transaction has to include your address as destination to be considered proof).

Note that exchanges may queue their transactions and submit in batch at once, so more often than not it’s a matter of waiting for them to submit the transaction that can be queried on explorer and contains your address as recipient.

Thank you for your incredibly fast answer. I will contact Binance. When I get my problem solved or end up finding a new one, I will close this one by choosing your answer as the correct solution.

I contacted Binance’s customer service and they said the situation is our of their hands, because the “transaction was already confirmed on the blockchain and it should be credited to your account”.

I asked “Can you provide proof that Binance has sent the funds?”

But Binance: “I guess that you have found in the link that you provide earlier. It is just the same in our system.”

What should I do? Here are links to the TxID and the address in question:
TxID link: Transaction ea7e1ce8ab4a260b582bfd66a026685ba2094131aa0837f054e2cdc3eaf8000e - Cardanoscan

Address link: Address 017f6cdc22633531b3fe7cc35cfaa554539a3a0f849cb10c78291be4f2c90752105de1e67299e3f10fbe40c1af1f353d9fe8e394368d86e1d7 - Cardanoscan

Update and for people in the future:

Binance could not provide a link to the explorer showing this transaction. Well, now, 20 days after the first message here, the transaction shows “Rejected” at Binance and the ADA appeared back in my Binance wallet and everything seems to be ok now. Earlier Binance said that “-- we discovered that your withdrawal has been processed successfully. This means that Binance has successfully completed the transaction and we are no longer able to control the transaction.” Maybe that’s true, and the matter was actually related to the congestion of their own network and the transaction finally failed automatically (although it was completed before and only later changed to rejected, which is a little suspicious). Maybe they can control the transactions after processing them successfully. Who knows?