[Solved] ADA not arrived at Yoroi

I sent some ADA from Binance to Yoroi earlier, as I have before. Only this time it never arrived. On Binance it says completed, however when I click on check export in Blockchain Explorer it says Address does not exist. I re-checked the address an it is correct, same as the one on Yoroi. Any ideas please?

  1. Can you post the address you send coins from Binance?
  2. Can you post the tx ID Binance is showing you?

Ae2tdPwUPEZBXveAMiq8UPZbMc5Se4o4zq8gVKJQyJnSeT1v6eSzQtjy6je - Address
7fa96de63ccf8223340045d807dc2d9b590f8694470683fa2b4df6d32cb4f499 - TX

Coins are there:

@Barney, latest transaction shows that you should have received ~3.5K ADA, but the balance is 20’866.292 - do you see the rest of the coins from previous transactions in the wallet?

No, it is still saying 17,434

I see all previous transactions

We are investigating this issue right now. Sorry for the inconvenience. The funds are safe on the blockchain, the problems are just in Yoroi displaying them :pray:

Server issue is discovered and might take some time to fix. All funds are safe and will become available automatically. Really sorry for the inconvenience :frowning::pray:


Everything should be working now :+1:



Yes it is now showing the transaction. Thanks very much for your effort. All good now.


Now, that’s what i call superior technical support. Fixed within 6 hours of posting the issue. Bravo Emurgo team!