ADA balance showing in wallet, but not on block explorer

Hello there, I’m new to the crypto space and having some issues…my total ADA balance is showing in my Daedalus wallet, but not on the block explorer… any reason behind this? Everytime i withdraw ADA from binance i generate a new wallet address. could this be the issue? Under the “transactions” tab in the wallet, it does show the 3 transactions when i received ADA from my binance withdraw…

It sounds like everything is working fine. It is also good to use a new address with each transaction, so good job doing that. That is a good practice to get into to help protect you privacy. The wallet is referencing the blockchain that it syncs on your machine. Since the wallet shows the correct balance and all of the transactions that info is certainly recorded on the blockchain. What block explorer are you using? It is possible the block explorer is not fully synced.

Thank you for the response. i am using the Cardano block explorer. Is there a way i can generate a new wallet address that shows my full ADA balance on the site? As so far i havent figured that part out… i rarely use the cardano block explorer, so maybe i might need to restart my computer…?

The Cardano Blockchain explorer should be accurate and has nothing to do with your local copy of the blockchain. Since you sent the 3 transactions to 3 separate addresses they remain in those 3 separate addresses and you should be able to see each one individually on the blockchain explorer. The wallet is only summing up the transactions visually. Under the hood you still have 3 separate addresses for each transaction. If you want all of your balance on one address on the blockchain you would have to create a new transaction and send your entire balance to a new address. I don’t know if you can do that all within one wallet though without an error. It should work but I wouldn’t try it. There isn’t any reason to do this anyways. All of your addresses and future ones not yet created are linked to your seed phrase and can be restored if ever needed. And you will have no problem spending part or all of your funds even though they are on separate addresses. The wallet will take care of that for you.

I hope that helps clear it up. Sometimes these concepts are difficult to explain and to understand in the beginning.

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Thank you so much for the help. This really cleared things up for me. Appreciate it.

No problem. I should add that if you wanted your entire balance on one address for some reason, not creating a new address for each transaction would have accomplished this. If you had sent each of the 3 withdrawals from Binance to the same address the entire balance would have been reflected on that address. But the way you did it is best practice. Have fun learning, this stuff is really fascinating.

Thanks for this post. I’m having the same issue. For other currencies, I like to bookmark my wallet’s public key via the associated block explorer. That way I can check my current balance from day to day and be sure everything is right where I left it, without having to launch a full-fledged wallet and/or connect my Ledger.

In general, I like the idea of the wallet generating separate keys for individual transactions, for privacy concerns. That means I can send and receive currency for various transactions and it’s not directly traceable to my wallet, right? Pretty cool.

But does that mean that there’s no single public key that I can put into the blockchain explorer and quickly check my balance? I have to fire up the Daedalus wallet and wait for it to synch every day if I want to keep tabs on things?

That’s right. If you are using different addresses for each transaction you would have to check each individual address on the blockchain to find it’s balance and tally them up to get the wallet balance. Sometime this year there should be a release of a light wallet, which is a wallet that doesn’t require syncing of the entire chain, and checking your balance should be a lot more efficient using that one.


Here is a Cardano block explorer project under development by a community member. They have enabled a feature to make a watch list of addresses and receive notifications when changes occur. This might help you out.