How to use the Cardano Blockchain Explorer

Hi everyone,

The purpose of this video is to go into a quick explanation of the functionality of the Cardano blockchain explorer.



Hi Philippe,

thanks for your video. This may be a late answer but yesterday I ran into some questions about the blockchain explorer. Maybe you or someone else has an idea:

I withdrew some ADA from Kraken to a paper wallet for show and tell to my colleagues. I wondered about some points:

1.) Why is it that the amount of ADA of the sending address shown? Is this necessary for some reason? I know that when someone knows the sending address he can check for the balance himself but why is this information already shown if I look for the receiving address? If one day I buy something with ADA, the shop will directly see if I own 1000 ADA or 1000000 ADA.

2.) Is it correct that the sending address changes when I withdraw some ADA from Kraken? Their address at the left and at the right site in the explorer is different. Does this happen with every withdrawal? If so, the exchanges will end up with billions of addresses in a short period. Does this make any sense?

3.) I also withdrew all ADA of my Daedalus wallet into a paper wallet. At the blockchain explorer I can not only see this withdrawal but also all the incoming ADA into Daedalus and I don’t really understand why. By the way: The Binance sending adress stays the same all the time. That seems to be my personal address on binance.

I find the blockchain explorer a bit confusing to understand. Some help text in the explorer would be fine. And also the clipped addresses are not optimal to check. I hope this will get some facelifting too with Cardano 1.4

Kind regards,