Kraken Users, current issues with withdrawing ADA

I’m just surprised there aren’t more posts from Kraken users. As of right now I cannot withdraw cardano from kraken to daedalus. After asking questions through both support sites, they’re blaming each other.

Hi R******,

It appears daedalus wallet has been providing clients with invalid addresses. We do support the new address format however our system is not able to withdraw to the addresses provided by daedalus wallet as they appear to be incorrectly generated. If you continue to have issues please contact the support team of the daedalus wallet.

Thank you for understanding.

The response I got from the Daedalus Support site was that Kraken is messing up somehow and the addresses my Daedalus wallet is providing me ARE LEGIT.

Im sure it will just take some time to figure it all out, but bummed im not able to participate atm.

What type of address are you trying to send to from Kraken?

  • addr1...
  • Ae...
  • DdzFF...

At about 2 in the morning I had a transfer of Kraken to a newly set up wallet in Daedalus without any problems. Before that, I deleted all existing addresses from the Byron area and added two new ones from the current wallet to Kraken.
I would also like to mention: to copy the address in the Daedalus wallet exactly, I used the copy function offered there - click the symbol next to one of the new addresses.

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Well with Binance withdrawals or deposits of ADA are still not possible at all :slight_smile: hopefully they complete the upgrade soon.

exactly what i’ve been doing, so weird it works for one kraken user but not another. This is why i’ve been frustrated as both sides are just blaming the other which means I might not ever get this figured out…

gonna try to remove all wallets and create a new one i guess…5th times a charm

Hey Guys!Anybody found a solution to transfer your Ada from Kraken to Daedalus or Adalite?

It’s a shame, they always come up with an excuse. Although my problem is different. I have 4900 ADA on this exchange and they want me to go through a video interview process in order to be able to withdraw (of course if I pass this test)!!! I obviously rejected that and now my account is closed. Though I believe they would transform that to fiat money and pay them to my bank account.

Kraken is reported as Shelley-ready on IOHK’s Shelley readiness of third parties support page.

This means you should be able to send ADA from Kraken to addresses that start with addr1..., to both Daedalus and AdaLite.

Beware of scam AdaLite clones.

I have the exact same problem.
Kraken only supports addresses to send ada starting by 4, A or D.


the receiving address on each wallet (ada lite or daedalus) is starting by addr like this one “addr1blablablaIamafuckingaddressnotrecognisedbykraken”.

I am stuck. Please can someone explain what is wrong with the above?

If that’s true (not doubting you, just that it contradicts the official status) then the fault is at Kraken, you should contact their support.

Has anybody been able to withdraw ADA to shelley wallets from Kraken lately? I am trying to withdraw to a newly generated shelley address (yoroi ledger) and it keeps failing. Contacted their support and they confirmed they support both, Byron and Shelley addresses but it doesnt seem to be working?

What exactly happens when you try to do it?



Can i buy Ada the in Kraken now and then withdraw to Daedalus and join a pool to stake?
Any problems from kraken?
How to buy directly Ada cardano and stake in daedalus , just buy and withdraw to wallet immediately?

I have recently bought ADA from kraken and then moved it to my own wallet on yoroi to stake it. The same should be possible to move your funds to Daedalus.

Trying to send from Daedalus to Kraken. Daedalus telling me the Kraken Ddz… wallet is invalid