Used old generated address


Hello. I sent Ada from binance to my Daedalus wallet. However, I accidently used one of my old generated addresses that I hadn’t used and not the current one. Just wasn’t thinking and assumed all were my address. If I search on cardanoexplorer it shows transactions at 0 and binance still says processing. I did the transaction 1.5 hours ago. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Did you get your ada ?
As far as I know you don’t have an “old adresse”, each time you use an adresse for the first time, a new one is generated, but that do not mean the old ones no longer work, you can keep using the same one forever if you like.


Last time I checked. Still said processing and nothing was in my Daedalus wallet. I assumed those addresses Are still unique to me. Am waiting for a response from Daedalus support (iohk).


My experience : I used my previous address twice and still worked.


New adress is needed just for better privacy. U may use old adresses for infinite. Binance just processes this withdrawals not quickly.


Ive used the same address twice and Daedalus never automatically generated a new one.


I just did the same thing. I was curious if you received your coins?


Yes it was just slow at the time. Took about 12 hours. I did receive them though.