Question about daedalus wallet receive address usage

Hi, I have some questions about the receive address in daedalus.
It said that I have to use a new address every time to protect privacy.
So, what could happen if an address is used more than one time?
Can somebody hack my wallet? Will the coins still be sent?
What if somebody deliberately send to my address 2 times?


You can re-use old addresses in Cardano. Creating new ones just makes it more secure against hacking in the future.

Unlike with IOTA where if you tried to send to an old address, you’d just lose your IOTA tokens. Some poor bastard lost $30,000 USD worth of IOTA tokens because he didn’t know that IOTA addresses are one-time use only.

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Thank you, it’s good to know that the coins are still sent.
But that means hackers can still try to hack the wallet, isn’t it?

my address won’t paste from binance into my daedalus. Why?

Does Control+C, Control+V work? Try it with Notepad.

Using a new address for each transaction makes things more “quantum resistant” (against quantum computers in the future).

Thank you so much. I have no idea why, but I can’t use my mouse to cut and paste into my daedalus wallet. Using the keyboard worked however. Thanks again. At least I know my wallet works now. I’ve only bought ada until now. Thanks again.

You are most welcome! This community is all about helping each other out and making Cardano accessible to everyone.

When dealing with crypto addresses, I always copy and paste into notepad and then check the first 5 characters and last 5 characters to ensure none got chopped off or extra letters got added on.