Never changing Wallet address

can i have one wallet address set up so that multiple people can send ADA to the same address?

I have send to my wallet adres without problem. Also have generate new adres and send to it without problems.

To my knowledge Daedalus generates new addresses for new transactions, but the elder addresses still keep working. I believe this is to increase privacy? When you give someone an address, they can only see their own transaction and not the millions of ADA that you have stored for later :slight_smile:


any of you guys care to help me test this?

this is the wallet address - DdzFFzCqrhtCm2XzkzjXUqBJCFJQehZvgGyrE5F4XmpPd4GuVtWixZRPjuNEkTNoe8UJxgkK71aMXjPme69m6L6515WPvr8z9G8aig62

if what u say is correct, i should be able to receive ADA unlimited times from anyone to that address correct?

You can ‘Add wallet’ and send between them to test it yourself? :stuck_out_tongue: i wanna hold on to my ADA for now ^^
But i think it should work yeah, why wouldnt it?

Guys , a bit confused here …so I want to set up a wallet for payments can I have an address that is stable.

What happens on the blockchain is that people ‘assign’ Lovelaces to you (1 Ada = 1,000,000 Lovelaces). Then, later, what you do is come along and say to the network, ‘Hey, I own this and I can prove it with a signature from my secret key.’ The network can tell it is correct and will let you assign it to another address. So yes, you can have many people assign Ada to you.

After you receive Ada, the wallet will automatically set up the next address. This is good practice not to use the same address many times. However, it does not mean you cannot use any of the addresses generated previously nor use them repeatedly if you like.


Thanks for the explanation , it’s just that I wanted to offer my holiday home for rent with cardano and was going to publish an address for receiving payment , so I guess I can have a public payment address then transfer the ADA to my private wallet address ?

side note: huge fan here sir and was rad that you even chimed in! honoured

I’ve recently started using Daedalus 1.03 and have received ADA via the initial public address. However, once the address is used a new address isn’t automatically generated. Instead I need to do this manual with my password and the generate button. Is this correct or have I missed something?

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I will need to get an update from the team, but I thought that now the password protected wallets will cycle through some pre-generated keys before eventually you will need to unlock the wallet to generate some more. There are some major changes in the wallet functionality coming.

has it worked?