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Hi All, I’m new here and I have a very simple question. I’m trying to add a Cardano wallet to accointing which is a tool to see all my crypto holdings in one easy place. But I have multiple addresses for each time I sent Ada to Daedalus. Is there one single wallet address I can use to add a Cardano wallet to accointing?
Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to answer my question :slight_smile: Avril


Daedalus does this because of privacy reasons. You can always use the same address if this is needed for your purpose.

It’s important to understand that from an external view (like from an explorer), you can not distinguish addresses and wallets. Only a wallet knows which addresses belong to it.

Hi thanks for your reply. I think I have it figured out. I understand that Daedalus is a very secure wallet and I have generated a new address each time I sent Ada to it, as the wallet suggests. I connected the addresses in the accointing wallet with API. Just not sure if the dollar value is correct as it is only showing one of the transactions on the summary but I can see them all inside the wallet. It’s all good :slight_smile:

I have to admit that I don’t know the accointing-software. But it’s clear to me that it looks on the public blockchain like an explorer would do.

From my understanding you need to create one new address in Daedalus, then send all you ada to this address. (intrawallet transaction) Make sure to only use this address in the future, like you would do when using a paper wallet.

Then you can store this address in the accointing-software. Please make sure to understand all the privacy/security implications of having all your ada in one address.

Hi All,

I am having the same problem as the OP except that I am using the free version of Coinstats on my phone to keep an eye on my holdings. I find that the amount I am monitoring in my wallet varies depending on which of the many generated “receive” addresses that I point Coinstats at. I am looking for a way for it to recognise the “whole” Daedalus wallet i.e. all of the addresses combined.

I tried following Tommy’s advice above by consolidating all of my ADA into one address via an intra-wallet transfer (something I hadn’t realised was possible prior). The new version of Daedalus Mainnet 1.0.0, which I have been impressed with, is telling me that “an error occurred” when I try. It works on small amounts like 100 ADA but if I try to move a larger amount it doesn’t work. Bummer, how else to solve the problem…

I thought about putting it all on my Ledger Nano S through Yoroi but unfortunately the Ledger Live app on my laptop doesn’t support Cardano. I can get my ADA onto my Ledger Nano S but it doesn’t show in the Ledger Live app’s “Accounts” section so once again I can’t get an address to point Coinstats at. Hmmm.

“Not to worry!” I thought, keeping a chipper attitude. I considered creating a paper wallet through Daedalus to act as my “whole” wallet so that I could monitor that through Coinstats. To my dismay I can’t even seem to find how to create a paper wallet anymore. I have in the past in previous version of Daedalus. I am I missing something?

None of this is “end of the world” material. Just wondering if anyone might have a solution or some ideas.

Looking forward to your replies.


Hi Again,
I tried to consolidate ADA within my wallet (as stated above by Tommy) by using the old Daedalus 0.15.1 and still got an error. However, this time there was a clue and a learn more link:

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 6.47.13 pm

So, I face the task of slowly consolidating many small amounts.
I’ll let you all know how I go.

Hello Once More,

Well it didn’t take that long with only 2ADA of transaction fees to consolidate all my funds to one newly generated address but, still no luck. The QR code for that address still doesn’t represent the sum of my whole wallet…

However, I did notice in the good old Daedalus 0.15.1 that there is the functionality to generate a Paper Wallet (I knew I’d seen it somewhere) so I’ll resort to that.



I’ve been having the same issue as the OP.

The best way seems to be…

Send your ADA to Yoroi and then in Yoroi select your wallet, go to Internal and then click Has Balance.

I haven’t tried it with Ledger linked accounts yet and I have had no luck with Daedalus yet.

Internal addresses are shown here for personal auditing purposes and should never be used.

Same issue as OP. I am using CoinStats & it needs me to manually add each ADA address in. This is extremely tedious, as I have 4 wallets in Daedalus & each has many addresses used.

I understand the security aspect of things & it would help if Coinstats added a bulk address feature. But either way, its frustrating. It would be nice is Daedalus at least had feature to export all used addresses to a CSV file. Currently you can only export transactions, but they are filled with additional addresses not needed

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