Kraken not updated?

So im guessing Kraken just doesn’t know what to do with the new addresses?
I created a new Daedalus wallet last night after reading about staking adn wanting to give it a try. So I installed daedalus, waited for the 6gb database to download, wrote down my keywords, and got my list of addresses to send ADA to

I goto kraken and add that address and send, 5 min later fail. I have tried this 5 times, and the only ex[ert response I got was “make sure you’re typing in the correct address”. I don’t think anyone types in crypto addresses by heart, we copy and paste.

So i can only assume that kraken doesn’t support the recent hardfork yet…or im an idiot.

I’m sure that will be it.

thye got back to me and said they do. they are still saying the daedalus addresses are wrong…crapshoot

Just to be clear, you’re talking about a Shelley wallet in Daedalus 2, right?