Cardano Explorer not showing ADA balance (paper wallet)

I just downloaded the paper wallet, which went well. When I put the address on paper wallet into cardano explorer, it says address does not exist. Prior to this while completing the paper wallet process when it gives you the url for cardano explorer, that shows ADA bal as 0.

Any idea what is going on? Daedalus balance is correct, just that nothing comes on cardano explorer.



Did you send any coins to the paper wallet after you have created it?


Ha! No, I thought it carried all the ADA as default.
Could you share how to do it, or is it somewhre on their site? Thks for your help!

Ok, got it… just send via daedalus wallet. But when I paste the paper wallet add in daedalus it says paste a valid address.
Anither thing, once I send, do I reprint the paper wallet or the ADA is stores in the address and I dont have to do anything?


Sounds like you didn’t copy the address properly. Might try scanning the bar code. Once sent, the ada is at that wallet/address and no need to reprint or anything.

Btw, I just made two paper wallets earlier today and sent some ada to them. Going to give them out as Xmas presents.

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Thanks, its Sorted. Yes it was a copy paste error. Thanks for clairification. Will do some research on how to send ADA back from paper wallet, but I dont think I’ll need that before 2020 :smile:

In order to send coins from a paper wallet you have to “restore” it in Daedalus. Note that once you have restored a paper wallet - the paper loses its meaning, so if you don’t plan to spend all the coins at the same time and plan to keep storing some part of it - you need to create a new paper wallet and send the rest of coins there for further storing.

Check out these videos. Second one demonstrates how you can restore a paper wallet. Make sure you have all 27 words before sending coins to a paper wallet (meaning that you have written down the 9 additional words from Daedalus)!

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