New in the crypto world

Good evening,

I am new to cryptocurrency and I have few question to cardano.

I downloaded the daedelus wallet and let it update to 100%.

I lost often the connection to the wallet. Is this normal?

I thought the wallet is offline?

Is this a online Wallet?

I have now 0 ADA on this wallet and i maked a paper wallet. I see on these Paper wallet over the QR Code a big number of letter and number combination. If I now buy ADA from a exchange do I have to give this number to the exchange and they send me my ADA to this address?

If they sending the ADA coins to this address, did the coins now stored on my paper wallet?

Why the big number on the paper wallet is not the same as these number direct in my daedelus wallet? And why I can every time generate a new number? How Cardano know that all these address goes to my wallet?

Can I buy ADA direct from the developer of cardano?

If I delete the wallet and restore the wallet on a other pc again, did I get all my ADA coins back?

Is it true that 95% from ADA goes to a japan investor?

What will be the full amount of ADA coins for the next years? As an example if u double the coin the marketprice will drop by half.

brest regards

I am really sorry to hear that :crying_cat_face: but I think it might be caused by your internet problems. I have heard people saying they can’t connect at all :worried: but if you connect and then lost connection - maybe something in your internet is happening? Is everything else working fine? :crossed_fingers:

Nooo, it’s a fully online wallet, so you need internet :phone: to download the blockchain :ada: :smile:

Yes! This is your address :sunny::blush: where you can send coins. But be very very accurate :point_up: when you type this address into an exchange, if you make any mistake - coins will be lost forever :sob::scream:

When you create a paper wallet in the Daedalus it shows you the same address on the screen so it is better to copy it :computer_mouse: and save somewhere :floppy_disk: to use later :slight_smile:

When they send you coins :moneybag: - you are now the owner of those coins :tada:, but coins are always stored on the internet :phone: and not on the paper itself :smile: Your paper wallet only stores keys from your internet coins, so anyone can get your coins if they steal (or copy) your keys :man_supervillain: So keep that paper wallet safe! :gun: :blush:

Those are different addresses. Your paper wallet :newspaper_roll: is not the same as what you see in the Daedalus, it’s another wallet (you can have multiple wallets in Daedalus :daedalus:).

You can create a new address :new: every time you need to receive coins (but not with a paper wallet :point_up:) so other people don’t know all those coins are yours :wink::secret:

Well because they created it to be able to know it :tipping_hand_woman: :smile: :smile: :blush:

Nooooo, you need to buy :money_with_wings: from other peoples on an exchange! :open_hands: If I’m right you can find them in here :blush:

Well of course, silly :tipping_hand_woman: :blush: :blush: :wink: But be very accurate :point_up: and make sure you write down and then enter right secret words :secret: If you make a mistake there - coins might be lost forever :sob: :scream:

All ADA that someone send to you goes to you directly :smile: Would be weird if 95% of it would go to some other investor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There will never be more than 45 billion :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: :ada: coins, so you can’t double it :sunny:

And I am no economist :woman_student::woman_student::woman_student: but I’m sure it’s not that simple :blush: there’s a lot of new bitcoins compared to 2015, for example, but I don’t see price to be lower :wink::tada:


Thanks that you give me a lot of information. I like youre friendly write style. :slight_smile:

With these 95% i mean: I heart that japan bought 95% of all ADA coins, but i don’t know if it a true information.

ICO happened mostly in Japan and included full KYC. You can see the whole distribution in here:

95% of ICO buyers was from Japan, and ADA is tradable for a year now. I’m not sure what would make anyone believe that a coins that’s moving in free market for a year still should have exactly the same distribution as in day 1.

ADA coins are all over the world now, and you can’t track them.

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Thanks for your information.

Where do you all buy your ADA with real money or how do you buy ADA? For me is it really difficult to understand how to buy them with real money. So many new information. At huobi i saw that i can buy USDT with real money from a person and then i have to switch it to ADA.:dizzy_face:
I hope you can show me a simple way to buy ADA.

best regards

You definitely can buy ADA directly for EUR/USD on CoinMama: Buy Cardano: How to Buy Cardano (ADA) with Credit Card & More | Coinmama

Kraken and Bittrex exchanged have added FIAT pairs like ADA/USD and ADA/EUR, but I don’t know if you can deposit fiat directly in there, might check out.

On most exchanges you have to buy ETH or BTC first and then buy ADA with it, yes.

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Hello @petersagt ! Just wanted to welcome you to the Cardano community, great having you on the team. Hopefully others have answered all your questions and concerns. Everyone on the forum are nothing but bright and informative minds. All the best!

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