Ada is gone or

Hey ada lovers,
In this crypto bleeding market,
I Yesterday bought more lovelace,
From my cryptobroker
Never had problems with them,with
Recieving my coins,till Yesterday
Generated new wallet adress to recieve and
Send to my have Send my ada
To this new Generated adress (daedelus wallet)
Loaded my wallet today and the coins are still
Not ad to my wallet Oooo my God Little stress now guys .sure i have Send the correct adress
To broker its still showing in the wallet as not been used.from brokers side i can see its Send to that adress the same i generated in the wallet.but
In the blockchain Explorer zero transaction to that adress. Pffffff Guys have i lost my ada or…???.bought 19295 ada where are they now any clues Guys.aaaaai have stress now.
Thanks dear ada lovers.

As a first step we need to find out if the funds arrived at the address. Look it up here, tell us if
if the balance is correct:

Sorry to hear that. With transactions that size, I always test a small transaction to see if it goes through, then follow with one or more parts of the larger amount. I lose a few minutes on the trades but I try to avoid money in the wind. I panic as well.

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Dear hayamoto,
Have looked Explorer,
Addres is there
Omg what now ???
Pffffff didnt sleep well @ night

Looks like it’s still on the exchange. If so you could just try again.

Hey Rob,bought them from,
Thats a broker i think not a Exchange or
Am i correct??i try to contact them but its weekend in holland.thanks rob

Sorry Salem, never used a broker, not sure how that works. But if the transaction failed then the coins should still be where they were. I think contacting them is probably your best option, pity about the timing!

I would not be worry Salem, probably dindn’t send you your ADA yet because of weekend, I think you will get it soon…
If there is no transactions on your address means litebite didn’t send anything yet

Man this is scary. I didn’t know brokers were working here yet. Is the brokerage in Holland only? Are there others?

Is this like Coinbase? It seems to be. Do you know where I can find regulations for cryptocurrencies in the Netherlands?

For Dutch regulations i think there are Just 2 i know 1.crypto value sumit to Dutch tax office
Every jan 1. vat on buy/sell of crypto
You will see as these etf on bitcoin will be
In place that worldwide more and more regulations will kick in.just a matter of time

Thanks for the info!

its a cue for us.

Hey ada lovers,
Good news !!!
Today opend my wallet after 8/9 days .
And was happy to see that has sent my
19295ada to i can sleep much better. Yup can trust those Guys.
My holdings are getting bigger and bigger special with these low prices i am Buying 2/3 cents wow trying to reach 500k ada .cheers

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