Sent Money to Daedalus wallet But Dadalus Still Syncing w/ Blockchain and ADA Not on Exchange Anymore

I’m super new to this. I downloaded Daedalus and then got an address and sent ADA to the wallet I set up from Coinbase but now the ADA is not showing up in Coinbase or the Daedalus wallet. Coinbase said the transaction was succesful. Maybe this is a natural thing or that Daedalus needs to sync with the blockchain before the Cardano I sent to this wallet shows up. But I’m a little concerned that my Cardano appears to be nowhere and it’s lost. Can anyone alleviate these fears or tell me what I might need to do to get this straight? Thank you.

Hi @mathiasmaximus welcome to the forum!

Yes, this is correct. Daedalus will start downloaden the whole chain from old to new and since your transaction is pretty new it will be one of the last parts of the blockchain. After it is fully synced you will see your ada in your wallet.

Meanwhile you can also double check that your ada has arrived at the address you provided by going to:

Cardano Explorer

And searching for your cardano address or the transaction ID.

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Okay. Thanks for confirming! Just a bit of paranoia ha.

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And after you got that fixed you might also want to consider staking your ada. Here are some links explaining what it is all about/done:

[Information and Video’s about Staking your ADA]

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