Coinbase to Daedalus lost ADA…help?

Okay, here’s the scoop. I was downloading the Daedalus wallet…and at the same time transferred my ADA from Coinbase. Turns out the download didn’t work and was taking forever to download…over 24 hours and still didn’t finish. I had to use a different computer which downloaded in just an hour. Now it says a zero balance in Coinbase and it doesn’t show up in the Daedalus Wallet. Where did it go? Any chance I can recover my ADA?

If you were downloading Daedalus, how did you get an address to send the ADA to?

Sorry. It was connecting to the ADA block chain at that time. The site was downloaded. This is what took forever and then finally failed on the computer I was using. I looked on Coinbase and it said the transfer took place on Sunday. I finally got it hooked up on another computer on Tuesday, but not too sure where I’d find my ada. I’m a bit confused. Any ideas?

Is Daedalus fully synced?

Yes. I’m new to this, but everything seems good.

Ok, lets assume it is fully synced.

If you get the transaction id from Coinbase, you should be able to look it up on htttps:// and from the transaction in the explorer you should be able to get the output address and then check that the address belongs to your wallet.

Sounds like you know what you’re doing. I’ll give this a shot and let you know. I really appreciate your help with this. Have a good evening. Look for my reply tomorrow if i got it or not.

Erik! I found my Cardano on Cardanoexplorer. It came with a QR code when I found it. Again, being new to this how do I recover it back to Coinbase or Daedalus. Thanks in advance.

On cardano-explorer it should list the destination address. That destibation should be an address in your wallet.

I am having a hard time connecting to Daedalus. Is there any way to bring this back to Coinbase where I sent if from.

That statement make no sense at all. Daedalus is a program running on you computer. You “connect” to it with your keyboard and your mouse.