Transferred ADA before Daedalus was synced

Hi! I just downloaded the Daedalus wallet, but I was stupid enough to transfer my ADA from coinbase to my wallet before the wallet was synced with the blockchain. Does this mean that I´m going to loose my ADA or are they going to turn up in my wallet when the sync is finished?
Thanks a million in advance!

Hi CrilleKex!

Till you provided the correct address in the transaction you are fine! The balance of your wallet will be updated with the right amount once the Daedalus is in sync.
Will be a good moment!


Thanks a million for the reply! I´m sure I provided the right adress, so now I just have to wait. Thanks a million again for putting my mind at ease!

No problem! - you can check the current status of the sync under menu Help → Daedalus Diagnostics