Daedalus wallet and transaction questions?

Hi, i downloaded the wallet, bought ada and everything is working fine but i have a couple of questions.

  1. If i decide to delete the wallet for security reasons and down the line want to deposit some ada, can i use one of the generated receiving addresses that i will save before i delete it and have access to ada when i install the wallet again and restore it with my seed?
  2. i had one transaction so far and when i look at the tx info in the “to addresses” field there are two addresses, one of them is the one i provided when i withdrew ada from the exchange but i dont know where the other came from?
  3. is it possible to save the blockchain that i have now and just paste it when i install the wallet again so i dont have to wait that much to sync? can i just copy the deadulus folder from \AppData\Roaming and save it ?