Address created using cardano-cli not showing on block explorer

Hi, I created a cardano address using the following cardano-cli commands on a fully synced node as detailed here

  1. Create keys

./cardano-cli address key-gen --verification-key-file /home/cadmin/keys/payment1.vkey --signing-key-file /home/cadmin/keys/payment1.skey

  1. Generate address

./cardano-cli address build --payment-verification-key-file /home/cadmin/keys/payment1.vkey --out-file /home/cadmin/keys/payment1.addr --mainnet

The following address was generated:

The problem is that I can see the address exists on Cardanoscan:

But the address cannot be found on any of the following:

This main issue is that I cannot send any funds to the address because the exchange I’m using is querying the Cardano Explorer explorer for verification of the address.

Can anyone provide any insight into why this is happening? And what I can do to resolve the issue?

Hello @fugoji

Some blockchain explorers show only activated address with non zero balances. Try sending a couple of ADA to and from the wallet and check again.

Hi @Neo_Spank

Thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a try but I have to find another way of getting the ADA to the wallet/address. I’ve tried sending ADA from an exchange to that address but the exchange is using the Cardano Explorer explorer for validation and so the transaction is failing.

Thanks for that explanation.


Just create any other official wallet, like Daedalus or Yoroi, send 2 ADA to that wallet from exchange, then from that wallet to your created wallet.

Using the cardano-addresses utility:

> echo addr1vy0jzu8lg4u2cs9wx7s4xyrqayceqtgu3x5n4n37wllgf7qudj2n4 | cardano-address address inspect
    "stake_reference": "none",
    "address_style": "Shelley",
    "spending_key_hash": "1f2170ff4578ac40ae37a1531060e931902d1c89a93ace3e77fe84f8",
    "network_tag": 1

so the address seems valid.

But as others have said, it the address does not contain funds, am explorer may not show anything.

Thanks for the help @Neo_Spank @erikd

I’ve installed Daedalus and created a new address. I think I’ll stick with that while I learn how Cardano works (and the glossary of terms). I’m getting used to it…

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

So here’s my catch-22 at this time…

  • I’ve created a wallet using Daedalus which has given me a number of addresses.
  • I’m using one of those Daedalus addresses to receive funds.
  • Since there’s no balance, the address is not showing on some explorers.
  • The exchange I’m using verifies the send address with the explorer.
  • If I try to send ADA to the Daedalus address it fails as the address cannot be verified against the explorer.
  • Aaargh!

I’m using the exchange. Can anyone recommend an exchange that can send ADA to an empty address? I don’t want to attempt trial and error.