My wallet not list on other Cardano explorer


I am using Yoroi wallet on Google chrome. My wallet is connected to,
Address 0144c4ebdc5cc4d691360cb6818aff764c68808857892b2ab2e7bc75947ce194731840c1d38111b15845a56cac289db49715d1c6313b664a4e - Cardanoscan

I am just curious why my address not exist on other explorer such as explorer(dot)cardano(dot)org or blockchair ?

And my address did not receive ada that I transfer from Exchange as well. What is wrong with my address ?

Thanks for help.

You’re querying an unused address. Many explorers only show used addresses (ones which have atleast one transaction).

The fact that you did not receive ADA is because exchange hasn’t sent it yet. You can contact exchange support for follow up using cardanoscan URL as proof.

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Same issue here, but if I search by Transaction ID it is visible on explorer

PS: when you transfer for the first time your ada from an exchange to your wallet, first transaction should be done with few ADA in order to check if everything is fine!


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Thanks. I will contact exchange.