Missing ADA in blockchain explorer

Hi guys,

my Yoroi wallet shows a higher amount then the explorer.
When I started the Yoroi ITN the lower amount was imported.
When I sum up all my transactions the sum is the higher amount.

Resync Wallet brought no change.
I tried yoroi for brave browser and there is the higher amount, too if I recreate my wallet.

How can this be fixed?
Why is ADA missing on the explorer?

Kind regards and thanks in advance.

Hi Sacherow.

It is likely that your ada is in different addresses within the same wallet.

When you search the explorer you are searching the address, not the wallet.

Within a wallet you can have ada in multiple addresses.

This is a feature to hide your ada balance from people


In addition to the above , as discussed on telegram (pasting here for continuity), please read this post for further details.


Thanks for your help, guys! I really appreciate the fast guidance!!

It is a bit confusing, that I have adresses with ADA in it which I can not see in my Yoroi wallet.

Anyway, I tried to recover my yoroi wallet in a different browser and the higher amount was shown there, too. Therefore I think, that everything is o.k.

I was just asking because I had the feeling, that ITN wallet only took the lesser amount. Perhaps I was wrong there.

Kind regards

Sure, it can be a bit confusing to people who are used to Ethereum style accounting addresses.
The mentioned blog makes a nice job of explaining things and why UTXO style wallets are preferred for ledger. For simple analogy of how it works - you can consider the cash system, wherein paying with a 100$ note (analogy: address) when buying something worth 50$ will give you a change (new address) where your remaining funds are.

Within Yoroi wallet, under Receive tab, you have External and Internal addresses. You can find the change addresses mentioned above in the Internal tab,

As mentioned on telegram, the ITN balance is taken as of snapshot on 29th November 2019. Any funds added since to the mainnet will not be present on testnet, as they are two seperate blockchains.

Hope that clarifies.

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Thanks again!!!

Now I even “found” my lost ADA :smiley:

Absolut great support :+1: :+1: :+1: