My "completed" ADA transfer from to Nami wallet does not show at Nami

My Nami wallet ADA deposit is missing! My Nami wallet actually shows my successfully transferred and deposited ADA, which 3 minutes later shown to be moved out of my Nami wallet. For sure I myself never moved it. I am now able to see my transferred ADA amount at CardanoScan with an address, but I don’t know what can be done with that. Please help me how I can retrieve my ADA, if it still is not a lost cause. Thank you so very much in advance.

Could you please post a txID from the transactions?

Also id recommand restoring the wallet on a other litewallet like Typhon or Eternl, as Nami only uses one single address and this might confuse a few peoples.

Now be honest and tell us who asked you for the NAMI seed phrase, cheers

Thanks for the responses, all.

The final resting address according to CardanoScan is:

Never gave my private keys to anyone. But I see that could be one way to end up where I am I guess.

Did u use any Cardano DEX, perhaps u added the tokens to the pool liquidity? if not the case and the transaction wasn’t confirmed by you perhaps you was hacked… check your device, and don’t use this wallet (create new seed words) anymore


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All noted and thanks again. Will check on every point you made.

Not sure if you ever figured it out, but that address is for sundae swap. I had the same issue and realized from reading the comments that I had added tokens to the dex. my transaction shows the same address.