Wallet and access issue

I have created Nami wallet 2 days ago for sundae swap . After sending coins from Binance to Nami wallet those coins never arrived but from Binance transaction was successful . I closed the window and tried to login back but since then I am not able to log in . I tried to contact Nami sent emails but no reply so I found their official Twitter account . I only received 5 people request to help but in the end I found out they tried to scam me . Who are the actual Nami support ? So far it look like a Scam.If this is real kindly someone from Nami get back to me and help me to solve this problem . I am shitting myself why did I created this Fake shit Nami Wallet . It is also awareness for other people . Please look after your hard earn and without research do not take any stupid step like I did .

Nami are just two people and no support team. And they probably won’t be able to answer all the questions that piled up in the last days.

Did you check the transaction from Binance on cardanoscan.io? If you search for the transaction ID, you can see if it really arrived on the blockchain.

You do have the 24 word seed phrase?

With that you don’t need Nami to work. You can restore/import your wallet in any wallet application. (As everyone else could do, which is why you have to keep it very safe. I hope you didn’t give it to the scammers or a website given by them.)

One wallet app that is quite popular for quickly checking if everything is okay is adalite.io. A wallet app that also has a dApp connector and can be used with SundaeSwap is ccvault.io.

But I just told you to not give your seed phrase to some website. So, please search around if they really are legit, before using them.

Or you use one of the two “official” apps linked from the main cardano.org website. Daedalus and Yoroi can also restore/import your wallet with the seed phrase.

In any of them, you can see and use your Ada if they arrived from Binance.

The seed phrase does not work . I tried couple of times now I am trying to get hold of Nami wallet creator but no luck so far .

Have you tried the seed phrase in other apps?

Does it get rejected or do you get an empty wallet?

In case of rejected: There is probably a small error in what you have noted.

In case of empty wallet: Either the transaction from Binance did never arrive or you have a completely different seed phrase somewhere.

Even if you get hold of the developer, he will not be able to help you. It’s not on their systems and it never was. That’s not how cryptocurrencies work.

If you have the 24 seed phrases you can resore to another wallet. A hardware wallet is your best option.

I have lost 24 seed phrase but have TxID and sending wallet access . My Cardano are stuck in Namiwallet only the Wallet creators can resolve this . Please get back to me :pensive:

The wallet is just a user interface, a window, to the blockchain. Everything is on the blockchain. If you have the seed phrase you can use another wallet or even the command line. If you lost the seed phrase you will not be able to restore the private keys in any software.

Sorry but it’s just unbelievable how people immediately declare something as fake, scam, theft, and similar, without even trying to obtain additional details or getting to know how something works.

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I created Nami wallet copy paste the seed phrase in word but did not realised that I did not saved …After transferred coins from Binance to wallet my laptop crashed . Once it restart there was nothing . Now I am stuck and looking for a solution . Only the wallet creator can resolve this if he wants to .

You mr laptop crashed and sfter restart there was no wallet ? U are using the same user proffile on browser or… I don’t know how it works but … the browser extension shouldn’t disappear

You finding it funny but it’s not . Wallet is in extension but logged out . It is asking for either create New wallet or import . For import I don’t have seed phrase . I am looking for alternative .

Not funny at all… now it’s clear what happened

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Word has built in recovery for unsaved documents. Try checking that for your seed phrasee…
Go to:
File, then Manage Documents, then Recover Unsaved Documents. Open that file and Choose Save As and save it under a new name.

If you didn’t give file a title it may have a name that is just a first few words in the text. If it’s temp file it may have 20% symbols like that.

Hope you can recover it.


Just to make that perfectly clear: He can not even if he wants to.

It’s not how it works as has been explained multiple times. Wallet apps are just interfaces to the blockchain. Developers/maintainers of legitimate wallet apps do not have access to your funds and should never have.

Your best bet is restoring that document. Sorry!

Now I am trying to run full System Recuva to obtain Data on the day

This means I have lost my Coins ?

If you have neither access to the wallet nor recover the seed phrase, then unfortunately yes. Really sorry!

And there is a reason why you must USE PEN AND PAPER to write down the seed phrases and store it in secure location. NO COPY/PASTE, NO PHOTOS, NO DIGITAL COPIES!

Hope you can recover your wallet.