Restored Nami wallet- no assets and no funds- dfifferent address somehow

This user had the same problem as me. Restoring NAMI wallet - restored wallet with different address and 0 funds

This is kind of crazy, I know for a fact my seedphrase is correct because i made the account yesterday and they have you verify that the seedphrase is right in order to use the wallet. Just like the user after removing it from chrome i went to restore the wallet and its restoring to a completely different completely empty wallet with no TX history.

I’m not typing in the wrong seedphrase. How are we supposed to trust a system where even if you do everything right you still get fucking hoed??

Try to restore on … do u see the right balance? Or copy one address from nami wallet in and check the balnce… do u see the right balance?

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nope its completely empty

Then is something wrong with the seed words

Hello Alex and thanks, this helped me because i had to format and could not find a way to Restore the wallet with my phrase. I see my funds on adalite but still don’t khow how to restore the Nami wallet ¿any hint?

what do u mean? U can’t find the restore option?

Open Nami wallet → click import → enter the seed words

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Yes Alex, Import with my phrase and Create a new accout was the only option i had so i did my funds are there. But for the record, i ended up Creating 3 accounts with the same user and pw 1st. the original 2nd. Created from scratch 3rd. Created with the seed words

Hello, I am facing the same issue. I deleted my nami chrome extension because i switched laptops. Then I installed the nami extension again and imported my wallet, but i see no funds or nfts. Please help.
My real account (with funds and an nft) - addr1q8xmhyzzzywhpu8xs7sfzeyryfdu3sjzt76zkapqw25n7j289lzrl9nlrhp4x9xgw8mrzqwr65j09fjuclyyttmudgxqtmx863

New address (empty)

it looks like you have/used more seed words… maybe u created a new wallet on nami at that time, or maybe u imported and old wallet (daedalus, yoroi, etc ) on nami?

the oldest transaction on your wallet with funds is from 10/24/2021 12:54:20 AM… did u had nami at that time?

Yes I did have nami at that time. I believe I created it on October 2nd. I have also used the right 24 words seed phrase. Please tell me how I can recover my old wallet :frowning:

I think u can’t with this seed words/// this seed words it’s restoring an empty/new wallet without any transactions history

I could have sworn that nami gave me this set of seed words when I created my one and only wallet. I’m no newbie so I know what I’m doing :frowning: this is insane :frowning: . I do have my password for me old account, can I recover my account/wallet using password?

I’m not telling that u are a newbie… did u contacted nami wallet team? Maybe they can help you

Can you toss me a link to the nami support?

and I see 4 social media contacts

As far as I know (and the Nami website tells me), Nami has subaccounts (like Adalite, but not any other wallet app). Is it possible that your funds are in one of the subaccounts and not in the main account?

EDIT: They can be found in the menu under the profile picture with the “+ New Account” option:

Most probably, not. The password is used to encrypt the storage of the secret on disk. If this storage is gone, because you deleted the extension, then there is nothing that the password could decrypt. (It could be possible if you have a backup of the chrome profile from the time, where the Nami wallet was installed.)

Tried the subwallet. but no luck :frowning:

Too bad!

Probably, you will either have to find another set of seed words or a backup of the data of the Nami wallet.

I have the same problem…something is wrong whit Nami, when they are generating seed phrase

I am having the same issue!

I have a new laptop so I installed Nami extension again and imported wallet using my seed phrases and its generated a new wallet??? I then went onto and put some assets up for sale. When people bought them I couldn’t send the asset because they weren’t showing in my wallet.