NAMI wallet - lost password - how to reset password

Hello Good People,
I opened two NAMI accounts. I have access to both. On the one, I am able to transact.
However, on the second account, I can see the funds but cannot complete a transaction.
How do I reset my password?

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Simpy restore the wallet with your seedphrase and set a new password.

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I will try to restore using seed phrase. Thank you, Zyroxa.


Feel free to update this thread if it worked :slight_smile:


To confirm this is my seed phrase from my Daedelus wallet right?


If that is what you used when starting using Nami, then yes.

If you created a new wallet in Nami, then you should also have a new seed phrase for that.

(Being able to transact on one account, but not on the other in the same wallet, doesn’t really sound like a password problem, though.)

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Thanks for sticking with me on this.
I did not realize I even had two separate accounts. Not sure what I used what seed phrase I used to open.
I have a Daedelus wallet with my seed phrase.
Could I have two wallets with the same seed phrase?

Additionally, I invested in the Genius Yield coin fundraiser/ kick off and I have that on this unlockable wallet.
Thank you.

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Above you wrote:

That sounds like a contradiction.

But in the original post you were talking about Nami, not Daedalus?!?

Nami (and many other wallet apps, but not Daedalus) can have several accounts inside the same wallet with the same seed phrase.

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Hello HeptaSean,

I certainly appreciate your breakdown and work.

I have copied down my seed phrases for my Daedalus wallet, MELD wallet, and MetaMask. I do not ever remember seeing the seed phrase list from NAMI or else I would have that copied too …which leads me to think it must have been from Daedalus.

I have NOT tried to reboot my NAMI wallet (yet) as I am fearful of losing what access I do have. Should I screenshot my account info? Would it help for you to see my receiving address?

If you think I should restore my wallet I have a second computer. Would you advise opening a NAMI wallet on this second computer and using the seed phase from Daedalus?

Many thanks,

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Screenshot of the account info won’t help much.

Testing before deleting is a good plan.

You can use another browser, another browser profile, another computer, or another wallet app like,, or

Since you are specifically interested in the second account you had in your original Nami:

  • Nami will restore/import with only one account by default and you have to explicitly add the second one.
  • Eternl will ask you how many accounts you want to restore in the process and also offer to autodetect accounts that do have activity in them.
  • Typhon will restore five accounts by default.
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I took your advice and on a second computer, I opened an Eternl wallet using my Daedalus seed phrase. It shows my staked funds. This is good. I like this wallet. Fast. Thanks.
You mentioned an auto-detect for accounts. Do you know where this option is located?
Thank you.

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hello small q to ask if you import from daedlus to etrnl,lace,yoroi etc etc all stays the same right? seed,spending passw,:thinking:

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Screen Shot 2024-01-30 at 21.57.47

After hitter “Discover” nothing new showed up.

The seed stays the same, it is the thing with which you import after all.

All things that are on the blockchain – addresses, delegation, selected stake pool, rewards, … – stay the same. Eternl just finds them.

The spending password does not stay the same. It’s a local setting of the wallet app. You can choose a new one every time you import a seed phrase. It is not needed to import a seed phrase. It is not an additional security. Everybody who has the seed phrase can fully control the wallet without needing the spending password.


Hi Salem,
I’m nit sure if this is directed to me as I just opened an Eternl wallet using my Daedlus seed phrase. I gave a new spending password.

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thank u guys😃

Any more suggestions on how to get the password to my second NAMI wallet? Thanks.

Okay, that means that the second Nami account you were talking about in the original post is not an account in the same wallet.

Let’s go back to that: In your original setup, you had two accounts?

How did that look like?

Like this?

Or maybe more like this?

The second one is a hardware wallet connected to Nami. Do you have one? Ledger or Trezor?

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This account is opened on BRAVE and I have the password.

This second account on Chrome is the one where I’m stuck.
Chrome DWC2021 copy

Thank you.