Nami just rolled me

Hi there,
I’ve got a problem and would really appreciate your help please!
I was using a Nami wallet for trading on DexHunter.
When I originally created this Nami wallet I linked it with my Yaroi wallet using the 24-word Yaroi seed phrase. (Since my recent problem I have read that it’s better to get a new seed phrase for Nami but I only just found this out.)
After making a trade this morning all my assets disappeared off the Nami wallet. I could still see all the assets on so I wasn’t too worried and thought it would sort itself out. I reinstalled the Nami wallet using the same seed phrase as before but the assets still aren’t there.
Could you please help me to get this sorted?
Highest regards,

Change the wallet

Use eternl or yoroi


All my tokens and currencies other than small amounts of ADA where on the Nami wallet, not my Yaroi wallet.
If I just make a new wallet I’ll have nothing to transfer into it because all the tokens and currencies are missing…

If you restore the wallet with the same seed phrase, you control the same wallet with another wallet app – Eternl, Typhon, Yoroi, … – without transferring anything and that other wallet app might work better with whatever happened there.

Wallets are never inside wallet apps. Wallet apps are just software that control things happening on the blockchain. Your ADA are not “inside” Nami or Yoroi.

Thankyou both soooo much!!!
It worked using Eternl!
I’m very relieved and, as always, impressed by the way Cardano is made and by the fantastic community here. Thankyou so much for taking the time to help me out.
Greatly appreciated!! =D

do not share the seed words with anyone!!!
glade you sorted it.

Nami only sees the first address of a wallet. If you use the same seed phrase in another wallet that uses multiple addresses, funds can be moved to other addresses from that wallet if you do txs. If you look back at that wallet in Nami, it’ll look like funds have disappeared, but that itsn’t the case, Nami just can’t see them.

I think Yoroi uses a 15 words seed phrase, not a 24 word one, so that wallet was probably not created with Yoroi (maybe this has changed).