NAMI wallet / Restored Nami wallet but crypto missing

There seems to be an issue with my Nami wallet and I was wondering if someone could help me. I recently restored my Nami wallet, but all of my cryptos there are missing. Do you have any idea what might be the reason for this and how it can be fixed?

Thank you in advance!

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Just tested it and I have the same. Seems the update broke something.

If you need access to your wallet urgently, you can always restore/import your wallet with the seed phrase in another wallet app – Lace, Eternl, Typhon, ….

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I already tried with Yoroi, Adalite and Eternl, but they are still missing… I also checked my initial address and the assets are there, but not showing in the wallets.

That really should not be. The other wallet apps do not have problems at the moment. (Well, Yoroi kind of always has, but …)

Are you sure that you are using the correct seed phrase? Are the receive addresses the same?

Yes, the seed phrase should be correct. I checked them and also their order mutliple times. Out of curiosity, I also put some of the words in different order, but it didn’t allow me to proceed further. So, this means that the actuall order of the words and the words themselves should be correct.

The below address ( the one before restoring my Name wallet) is actually the one which shows my assests in ada scan. But the address doesn’t match any of the receiving addresses in the wallets I already tried.


Good thing: For me, it looks like as if Nami is working again and it was just a temporary outage of the backend or something like that.

Yes, seed phrases have a checksum built in. To accidentally hit another valid seed phrase with typos or wrong order is very, very unlikely. What does happen is that people mix up several valid seed phrases from different wallet apps or used at different points in time.


  • It’s the wrong seed phrase and you have another one somewhere else.
  • You used a hardware wallet. The seed phrases of Ledger won’t work when given to a software wallet at all and the ones from Trezor only under some circumstances. And hardware wallet seed phrases shouldn’t be input on computers anyway only on the USB device. That’s their reason for existing.
  • You did not use the first account, but one of the later ones. In Eternl, you can choose to discover accounts with a history during restoring or later with this button:

    In Nami, you could just press “+ New Account” to see if an account with balance in it shows up: